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New Direction NJ Poll Shows Strong Support for Millionaire’s Tax & EDA Reform, 53% Job Approval for Gov. Murphy

A poll commissioned by New Direction NJ, a 501(c)4 non-profit advocacy organization, shows strong support among New Jersey voters for progressive policies like making millionaires pay their fair share in taxes and reforming the state’s embattled tax incentive programs. Among the poll’s key findings:


  • 72% of voters support the millionaire’s tax, with 50% strongly supporting the policy. Only 27% of voters oppose the tax. 

  • 85% of voters say it is important to reform the state’s tax incentive programs, and 76% approve of Gov. Murphy’s handling of the issue 

  • 63% of voters disapprove of the state legislature’s decision to extend the current tax incentive programs without adopting Gov. Murphy’s proposed reforms 


“New Jersey residents are saying loud and clear that they are ready to embrace the progressive policy solutions supported by Governor Murphy and his allies in order to make New Jersey’s economy work for every family in the state, not just the rich and well connected,” said Philip Swibinski, spokesman for New Direction NJ. “The question is not whether the people approve of these proposals, it’s whether the state legislature is willing to stand up to the political bosses and entrenched Trenton insiders and deliver for the people of New Jersey.” 


Further underscoring the political power of these plans, the poll found that Gov. Murphy’s approval rating has climbed to 53% among all voters, with a massive 86% approval rating among Democrats. The poll reflected gains in approval rating for the Governor among key constituency groups including 18-34 year olds, women, African Americans and Hispanics. Fifty-six percent of voters approve of Gov. Murphy’s handling of public education, and 54% approve of the Governor’s record on wages after passing a landmark $15 minimum wage bill earlier this year. 


“Democrats holding office and running for office this year and beyond should recognize that our state is crying out for bold, decisive leadership that puts the interests of the middle class and working families ahead of the rich, big corporations and political insiders,” said Swibinski. “New Jerseyeans are seeing that kind of leadership in Gov. Murphy, and his campaign to make New Jersey stronger and fairer will continue to be well-received.” 


The poll was conducted by Bully Pulpit Interactive from August 3-12, and includes a representative sample of 845 New Jersey gubernatorial election voters. A polling memo further discussing the findings is attached.  

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