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Show your support for building an economy that works for every New Jersey family, not just millionaires and special interests

We're with Governor Murphy and his allies, and their plan for building a future that works for everyone in NJ and grows our middle class. New Jersey’s problems weren’t created overnight, they won’t be solved overnight, but progress is being made everyday.

Here’s what’s already done and some of the work going forward:

Making healthcare more affordable

Standing up to Trump’s attempts to gut affordable healthcare

Driving down insurance costs- one of the most successful efforts in the country

Funding Planned Parenthood

Investing in education

Fully funding our public schools

Expanding Pre-K

Starting tuition free community college

An economy that works for people - making our tax system fairer

Demanding millionaires pay their fair share to take the burden off the middle class

Increasing the minimum wage

Ending tax breaks for companies that don't create jobs - supporting businesses that do

Investing in infrastructure - rebuilding NJTransit

Strengthening gun safety laws - making New Jersey a national leader

Standing up to the gun lobby

Working to limit the size of ammo clips

Fostering smart gun technology

Going after out of state gun sellers that allow their weapons to be illegally shipped to New Jersey

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